Hannah Wills and Barry Gibson

Hannah who is a Mom  of three and an Artist by nature (www.hannahmarywillsart.com) is starting to build her art sites. 

It was her idea to start keeping bees in 2021. We started off with 2 hives and through natural splitting and catching a swarm we now have 5 and look forward to expanding up to 10 next year. Little did we know our first harvest (2022), we would extract 7 gallons (85 lbs) of honey.

As for me, I am a retired Navy Corpsman that did 16 of 22 years with the Marine Corps. Thought I wanted a ship BUT fate would not allow. Looking back, I would not have it any other way! OoRaH!

 I want to help Veterans who might be interested in keeping bees  get started and the up-front truth about it. It has helped me with some of the issues we experience being a Combat Veteran. This along with the chickens she wanted and the garden I wanted  keeps our home life busy.